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FAYVE - Permanent Make up Studio

Fayve specializes in high quality semi-permanent makeup which caters to a range of beauty needs.

Semi-permanent makeup is a technique which involves application of organic pigments that gives you an instant and natural makeup look. These pigments are tinted nourishing serums, designed to enrich your skin and give you a younger look.

We believe in providing the best quality of work to help you achieve the look youre going for. At Fayve, we maintain state of the art hygiene standards. All our artists are blood pathogen and infection control certified in order to maintain a safe and sanitary environment. Find us in Mumbai and let us enhance your beauty.

We are an exclusive certified permanent makeup studio specializing in nano blading of eyebrows , Lips, Scalp and Skin . We are committed to highlighting the beauty you hold. With a passion for body art and a love for perfect symmetry, help you find the beauty you need, to finish your masterpiece. At Fayve, we maintain state of the art hygiene standards.

  • BB Glow treatment with its brilliant results.
  • Lip Blush treatment
  • Get plumpy, brightly colored lips of your dreams.
  • Ombre Powder Brows gives you fuller and styled eyebrows

we are a team of professionals

We believe that every face is a piece of art, art made from pleating and kneading various threads and shapes together.  Fayve Studio is dedicated to transforming the art within you into a masterpiece.

Fayve studio is where premium beauty services are backed by the passion to provide much-needed personalised permanent makeup solutions. Our
semi permanent makeup stays put whatever the weather, meaning you can look fantastic wherever you are and no matter how busy your day is.


Micropigmentation is the treatment you're looking for.  It covers the area of hair loss and hair thinning.


Nano-blading is the secret to fuller and more natural eyebrows that require no maintenance at all.

BB Glow

BB Glow is what you need if you’re tired of being late to parties or reapplying foundation every 5 hours!


Want to make lips burst with color? Fun, attractive and simple Global Cosmetic’s Lip Gloss is as good as it gets.

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